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Every week, we will sing and pray to our Lord, open our Bibles to respond to the good news of God preached, and give our offerings.

If you're worshiping with us online, join in about 20 minutes early to connect with our updates and prepare your heart to worship. Engage in the chat and use the buttons below to give, grow, and connect. 


Let us know you’re here so we can help you take the next best steps in discipleship and community life here at Grace River by filling out our online connection card. 


Visit our SERMON SERIES to catch up on other message series you missed and share them with a friend. 

We're so glad God has brought us together. Let us help you discover more about our church

Sermon outline, Announcements, and how to Connect at GR

Stay growing in Christ with weekly Bible studies, notes and videos




We're looking at 2 Timothy on March 5 and 12 in a way to conclude and apply the book of Acts. How do we live in these last days, staying faithful to Jesus, and sharing His truth? 


Come and see this Sunday and stay growing all week with our Growth Resources below

Poured Out - 2 timothy SERIES MAIN.jpg
Our Hope in Hopeless Days (2Timothy 3)
The Poured Out Life (2 Timothy 4)
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