Every week, we will sing and pray to our Lord, open our Bibles to respond to the good news of God preached, and give our offerings.

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Stay growing in Christ with weekly Bible studies, notes and videos


We're looking into Luke's second book verse by verse to witness all that Christ is accomplishing through His church. Come discover with us each Sunday and stay growing during the week with our Growth Resources.

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The Great Story of JESUS (Acts 13:26-43) | GRACE RIVER
The Great Story of JESUS (Acts 13:13-25) | GRACE RIVER
Being the Church (Acts 13:1-12) | GRACE RIVER
God Struck (Acts 12) | GRACE RIVER
What Is A Christian? (Acts 11:19-30) | GRACE RIVER
Walls Fall Down (Acts 10-11) | GRACE RIVER
Walls Fall Down (Acts 10) | GRACE RIVER
Crying Turned Into Dancing (Acts 9:31-43) | GRACE RIVER
The New You (Acts 9:19b--31) | GRACE RIVER
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