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Join online about 15 minutes early to get our latest updates, prepare your heart for worship, and then engage in the chat or access our materials below. Fill out a connection card so we can connect you to our ministries and help you grow in Christ.  

We're so glad God has brought us together. Let us help you discover more about our church

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Stay growing in Christ with weekly Bible studies, notes and videos




Join us each week as we walk verse by verse through the book of Exodus and how this points us to our Great Deliverer and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Find our full schedule and helpful Bible study tools and materials in our GROWTH RESOURCES. 

Exodus SERIES Main image.jpeg
Ever Faithful, Always in Control  Exodus 1
The Deliverer We All Need - Exodus 2:11-22
The Lord's Calling On Your Life - Exodus 3:1-10
THE GOD WHO IS - Exodus 3:11-22
In YHWH We Trust - Exodus 4:1-17
'Tis So Sweet To Obey Jesus - Exodus 4:18-31
Who Is The Lord - Exodus 5:1-12
The Lord is with you in the Furnace - Exodus 5:13-23
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