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We are journeying through this most epic book verse by verse to explore the riches of God's good word as we discover the beginnings of us, sin, and salvation. Together we will grow in our understanding of the world, ourselves, and our amazing Creator. Every message will connect the history of Genesis to Jesus as we respond to God's revelation about who He is and how He saves us into an eternal relationship.  


Each week, there are Bible group studies, notes, and helpful growth resources provided to help us all mature in our faith and understanding. Find everything right here.   

Messages in this series


THIS WEEK  God's Good Rest 

 (GEN. 2:1-4  

What does it mean to truly rest? And how does God rest?
God's word tells us that upon completion of His amazing world, the LORD called what He had made very good and then He rested. The Lord blessed the seventh day and made it holy. So what does that mean for us? How should we keep the Sabbath as God's people today? And what does it mean for us to find our ultimate rest in Jesus Christ who has made us new creations? Join us online this Sunday as we continue in our epic journey through this wonderful book.    

NEXT WEEK  One Two One (GEN. 2:5-25)