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FAMILY WORSHIP Saturdays 4pm

We know it has been a hard season for families with younger children, especially as it has been more difficult or impossible for some of us to worship together on Sundays. We hope to remedy that a little with a special, family-focused time where we can more safely pray, praise, and proclaim Jesus together and still get home for a family dinner!  

We'll be using our engaging Family Ministry videos with mini Gospel lessons in a compact, child-friendly service. Our printed handouts will be available to take home in both younger and older child versions.  


  • We will use the front entrance.

  • We will meet in the Sanctuary. In addition to the Sanctuary being sanitized, meeting on Saturdays means no one has been in the Sanctuary for several days.

  • We will sit together as families, social distancing by spreading out across the Sanctuary. 

  • Masks are required for all. This will help keep everyone healthy. You can bring your own and we will also have provide masks. 

  • Sanitizer is available throughout the Sanctuary. 

  • The Cafe bathrooms will be available as will the family bathroom and Nursery. 

  • On Communion weeks, we will share Communion with sealed packages of bread and juice. 

  • You can give using the offering box in the Sanctuary. 

Lead your children at home with all of our Sunday resources

The Birth of John the Baptist

Jesus was Born

After the angel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah and predicted the birth of John—the forerunner of the Messiah—he appeared to Mary and predicted that she too would have a baby. This baby would be named Jesus, and He would be God’s Son. “He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High … His kingdom will have no end,” Gabriel said. (See Luke 1:32-33.) Mary visited Zechariah and his wife, Elizabeth, who was pregnant with John. Inside the womb, John leaped for joy in the presence of Mary’s unborn baby.


Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth. When Caesar Augustus called for a census, they traveled to Bethlehem—the very place the Messiah was prophesied to be born. (Micah 5:2) There, in a stable, God the Son entered the world as a baby.


Imagine the shepherds’ surprise when an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared. The Bible says that they were terrified! But the angel brought them good news: “Today in the city of David a Savior was born for you, who is the Messiah, the Lord” (Luke 2:11). This Savior—the long-awaited deliverer and redeemer—had come.


Not only did Jesus come into the world as the Savior, He came as our King. Some time after Jesus’ birth, wise men came to worship Jesus. They brought Him gifts suitable for a king—gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Jesus is the King who will rule forever, just as God promised King David. (See 2 Sam. 7.)


When you share this story with your child, remind them that Jesus came because we needed Him. The purpose of Jesus’ birth was twofold: to bring glory to God and to make peace between God and those who trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is about rejoicing over the greatest gift we could ever receive. God’s own Son came to earth to be our Savior and our King.

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Three Essentials for
Christian Parenting

What can be done, then, to convince children that God is more attractive than anything the world has to offer? We hope this article from Desiring God will help you lead your children to know and love the Lord Jesus and His word the Bible above all else.  


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Back to School Supplies
Parents Need

Families face acute anxieties, especially working parents who might again be managing their children’s education from home. At the mercy of the virus and school-district officials, we’re reminded of how little control we have. As Christians, though, we also hold to real hope: even in trial, God is always up to something good. Here are four invitations for families to embrace in uncertainty. 

Stay Connected 

Stay discipling 

Step 1 On Sunday, start off by praying with your whole family. Let your children know that you're entering into a time of worship and are seeking the Lord's help in understanding what He will reveal to us. 


Step 2 Use the videos and teaching prompts to guide your children through the lesson. It is helpful for children to practice holding the Bible, looking up the Scripture, and reading or hearing you read directly from the Bible.  


Step 3 Continue the learning with the age-specific Handout. Throughout your week, the lesson can be reinforced through the page's creative activities, Bible story review and application questions, the Christ Connection main idea, and activities you can share as a family. 

Step 4 Continue to regularly share the Gospel with your children. This useful primer HOW TO PRESENT THE GOSPEL TO A CHILD will be helpful. 

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