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family ministry


On Arrival

Check your family in at our Family Ministry Station and receive an ID sticker for you and each of your children 

During Service

We all begin together as families worshiping in the Sanctuary. Children will be dismissed during the service. Your children are also very welcome to remain with you throughout the service 

After Service 

Pick your children up downstairs by showing your matching ID sticker to the Family Ministry staff

All Week

Stay discipling with the resources on this page to review and live out God's word as a family 

This Week's Resources 

Week of July 7th - People Welcomed Jesus as King - Matthew 21; Mark 11

Younger Kids (ages 4-7) - Activity Page


Older Kids (ages 8-12) - Activity Page


How to Disciple This Week

Step 1 Keep leading your children throughout the week with our takehome and online materials. Start your time together by praying as a family. Let your children know that you're entering into a time of worship and are seeking the Lord's help in understanding what He will reveal in His Word.


Step 2 Use the videos and teaching prompts to guide your children through the lesson. It is helpful for children to practice holding the Bible, looking up the Scripture, and reading or hearing you read directly from the Bible.  


Step 3 Continue the learning with the age-specific Handout. Throughout your week, the lesson can be reinforced and applied around the dinner table, in the car, and as you do the page's creative activities, questions, the Christ Connection main idea, and family activities. 

Step 4 Continue to regularly share the Gospel with your children. This is a very useful primer on HOW TO PRESENT THE GOSPEL TO A CHILD 

 Family Spotlight


Gospel-Shaped Parenting - Pt. 1

5 Ways the gospel transforms your parenting


Gospel-Shaped Parenting - Pt. 2 
Find Kingdom purpose in your everyday parenting

Join our Parent Group for support and outings

How to have your children dedicated at Grace River

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