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If you are a parent of children from crib-stage to college age, we warmly invite you to join our Family Community Group. We currently meet weekly on Zoom to strengthen our Christian marriages, support each other as discipling parents, and grow in faith and love together. Click the pic to find out more about who we are and when we meet. 

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Step 1 On Sunday (or the regular time you set aside), start off by praying with your whole family. Let your children know that you're entering into a time of worship and are seeking the Lord's help in understanding what He will reveal to us. 


Step 2 Use the videos and teaching prompts to guide your children through the lesson. It is helpful for children to practice holding the Bible, looking up the Scripture, and reading or hearing you read directly from the Bible.  


Step 3 Continue the learning with the age-specific Handout. Throughout your week, the lesson can be reinforced through the page's creative activities, Bible story review and application questions, the Christ Connection main idea, and activities you can share as a family. 

Step 4 Continue to regularly share the Gospel with your children. This useful primer HOW TO PRESENT THE GOSPEL TO A CHILD will be helpful. 

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Jesus Taught about Prayer

Prayer is personal communication with God. Many people aren’t sure how to pray or feel uncomfortable praying. To pray effectively, then, we must be taught how to pray. This is why Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them to pray. 


Jesus began with the Lord’s Prayer, not to establish the words we should use but to show how we should pray and what we should pray about. Through prayer, we demonstrate our dependence on and faith in the Lord. We should approach God as a Father and pray for His kingdom first and then for ourselves and others.


Then Jesus told a story about a man who went to his friend in the middle of the night to ask for food for a visitor. The friend did not want to be bothered but because the man did not give up, the friend finally gave him what he needed. God is not a sleepy neighbor. If a grumpy friend will reward persistence, how much more so will God! He cares about His children and is happy to give us what we need when we ask.


In a similar way, a human father who loves his child would not give him a snake if he asked for a fish. Will God give us everything we ask for? No, but when we are persistent with our prayers, we can trust Him to answer according to His glory and our good.


Jesus used another parable in Luke 18: A judge was unwilling to grant a widow’s plea for justice, but the woman did not give up. So the judge gave her justice. We should not give up praying if we have not received an answer from God. God is not like a wicked judge. When we pray consistently, God will give us justice and He will act quickly.

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