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We're looking into Luke's second book verse by verse to witness all that Christ is accomplishing through His church. Come discover with us each Sunday and stay growing during the week with our Growth Resources.

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We Will Be His Witnesses | GRACE RIVER
Knowing and Following God's Will (Acts 1:12-26) | GRACE RIVER
The Promise Comes (Acts 2:1-13) | GRACE RIVER
Boldly Witnessing The Gospel  (Acts 2:14-41) | GRACE RIVER
The New Community  (Acts 2:41-47) | GRACE RIVER
Christ's Power Proclaimed  (Acts Chapter 3) | GRACE RIVER
The Greater Healer  (Acts Chapter 3:11-26) | GRACE RIVER
Common Men, Uncommon courage  (Acts Chapter 4:1-22) | GRACE RIVER
Peculiar, Persecuted & Prayful  (Acts Chapter 4:23-31) | GRACE RIVER
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