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We have so much for which  to be thankful as God's redeemed people and most especially a new life in Jesus Christ. Forgiven. Free. Full of His joy.
Indeed, our God is so good! 

Messages in our Thanksgiving series

Thanksgiving 2019 

Have you ever wondered why God calls us to give thanks so often in the Bible? Maybe it is because in ourselves it is just not natural for us to thank God. Come discover with us what true thanks is, what true thanks does, and how true thanks is given (even as life is falling apart) as we turn our usual thanksgiving question of "What are you thankful for?" into "To whom are you thankful?"

Thanksgiving 2020 

While we have many things to be thankful for, the real question for all of us is to whom are we to be thankful? Who deserves our thanks? And what for exactly? In this message, we explore this wonderfully poignant psalm that directs our hearts to thank our Savior who has rescued us from the pit, directed our path, broken the chains of sin, and delivered us to safe harbor. The redeemed of the Lord respond in covenant relationship with praises that shout, "Thank You Jesus for all you are, and all you do!"