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Slow down. Look back. Look forward. And look up. While the world scurries and stresses looking for the perfect gift for everyone on their list, we're recalibrating our hearts and heads with 4 weeks of Advent that focus on God's perfect gift - Jesus Christ. Join us each week and download the devotional material as we find hope, joy, peace, and love in Christ's coming. 

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I wil be perfectly Glorified | GRACE RIVER
I will surely be Preserved | GRACE RIVER
I'm Being Sanctified | GRACE RIVER
I Am Forever Adopted | Grace River
I Am Redeemed and Justified | Grace River
In Jesus, I am Reconciled | GRACE RIVER
In Christ I am Sovereignly Saved  [Who We Are In Christ Series]
Union with Jesus | GRACE RIVER
What Exactly Is The Gospel | GRACE RIVER
The Gift of His Presence | GRACE RIVER
The Gift of His Promise | GRACE RIVER
The Gift of His Peace | GRACE RIVER
The Gift of His Provision | GRACE RIVER
The Perfect Gift   Christmas Eve 2021 | GRACE RIVER
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