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We're looking into Luke's second book verse by verse to witness all that Christ is accomplishing through His church. Come discover with us each Sunday and stay growing during the week with our Growth Resources.

The Acts of Jesus Christ - Main graphic 1.png
Finishing Well (Acts 28) | GRACE RIVER
UnShipwrecked Faith (Acts 27) | GRACE RIVER
Are You Ready to Die? (or Not Yet Ready to Live) (Acts 25-26) | GRACE RIVER
Who's Really in Control (Acts 23:12-24:27) | GRACE RIVER
Be of Good Cheer (Acts 23:11) | GRACE RIVER
Keep Up Your Courage (Acts 22:22-23:11) | GRACE RIVER
Take Courage in Sharing the Gospel (Acts 22:22-23:11) | GRACE RIVER
Arrested and yet Free (Acts 21:27-22:21) | GRACE RIVER
I'd Do Anything For The Gospel (Acts 21:17-26) | GRACE RIVER
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